Workshop: Smart Grid – Smart Growth

Discussion Chair: Jens Jakobsson, Vice President, Distribution Assets, DONG Energy
Discussion Facilitator: Henrik Bindslev, Vice Dean, Faculty of Science and technology, University of Aarhus
Location: DONG Energy, Nesa Allé 1, DK- 2820 Gentofte
Time: 9AM- 4PM


Intelligent networks for distribution of energy will be key to a successful systems transformation, much like other network technologies, e.g. the railroads and the internet that allowed us to discover a range of new opportunities for the economy as a whole.

The capacity, quality and outreach of the grid will to a certain degree define the scale and speed of the transition, according to studies. Decisions on standards, access and regulation of the grid will be critical. With the right design, however, smart grids could foster a range of new products, services and businesses.

The workshop will present the latest know how and state-of-the-art projects from around the world, and seek to outline the new businesses, apps’, software, products and solutions that the smart grid can foster when linked to smart homes and smart cars. E.g. information technologies to inform consumer choices and promote behavioral changes and new models for end-users selling excess energy back to the grid.

What new opportunities and businesses will smart grid create for the economy as a whole - in the short and the long term? And how can smart grids be a driver of economic growth in terms of jobs and additional GDP? And what instruments does it take to foster economic growth through smart grid solutions?

Participants at the workshop include representatives from: SE, Global Network for Environment and Econoomic Development Research, Grid Manager, Accenture, Deloitte, Accenture, DIS, ECO Consult, Risø DTU, Municipality of Frederikshavn, Embassy of Japan, CMI Aalborg, Honeywell, Municipality of Ringkøbing – Skjern,  VST IDA, Microsoft, Erisson Denmark, SEAS NVE, Danish Power Systems, UNEP/Risø, Municipality of Furesø, Municipality of Kalundborg, European College of Innovation, Better Place, CONCITO, Intel, Canadian Embassy, Faktor 3, IBM, IDA, Schneider Electric, Smart City Kalundborg, Spirea, Green Wave Reality, HCH Finanz AG, DONG Energy, Gastech-Energi A/S and Clean World Capital.

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