China Daily: Greening the recovery

Green growth is a major topic during the World Economic Forum, taking place in Davos, Switzerland, this week, reports China Daily, Chinas biggest newspaper. In an interview, DONG Energy CEO Anders Eldrup, a founder of Green Growth Leaders, says that China and other emerging economies could play a major role in the transition to a green economy, first and foremost by driving down the cost of green technologies.

Read the full article, based on an interview with Xinhua, Chinas official news agency, here.

Anders Eldrup, Green Growth Leaders founder, CEO of DONG Energy.

Anders Eldrup notes that the emerging economies “with their impressive growth rates [...] are unleashing an enormous market potential. The developing economies should ensure that this force for change is challenged in a sustainable direction so that the increasing demand for energy, food and products is met by green businesses. This will give scale to the green industries and quickly drive down costs which would make green technologies more competitive. The emerging economies have an unique chance to make a fresh start. To give an example they could move straight to electric vehicles instead of promoting cars on fossil fuels. Much in the same way that many emerging economies have leapfrogged land line phones and gone directly to mobile phones”. 

Read more about Green Growth Councillor Anders Eldrup here.

Read more about DONG Energy here.

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