Many people believe that green economy is about not using the resources of the planet. This is simply not true. Green economy is about using the resources we have available to us in such a way that we don’t handicap the opportunities of the future generations.

The idea behind green economy is that the humans should not be using the resources of the planet faster than the planet can regenerate them. At the same time, businesses and governments have done a lot of harm to the planet in the past, which is why running a business or a non-profit today should be about acknowledging that the society needs to become a restorative force to overcome the issues of the past.

The bottom line of the green economy is based on the following three pillars:


For the economy to be successful, it needs to have a healthy workforce, which means healthy communities, and strong connections between suppliers, vendors, distributors and other business entities. A business that wants to be a part of the green economy needs to commit to providing products and services that are ethical and that do not exploit labour or contribute to a decrease in the quality of life.


To remain solvent and continue operations, all businesses need to generate profits, have cash flow and sales. At the same time, businesses need to understand that sustainability, employee happiness and health, and profitability are all interlinked. For example, if a business operates in an environmentally-friendly facility, this fact will have a positive impact on the health of the workers. Healthier workers can be more productive, which in turn, can have a positive impact on the profitability of the venture.


A business that has the planet in mind would offer products or services that contribute to the regeneration of the planet. Examples of doing so include educating the customers about recycling and waste and reducing the use of energy.