The argument that a business needs to be green to be successful long-term in the twenty-first century has been well documented. Companies that embrace corporate, environmental and social responsibilities outperform businesses that don’t because typically, companies that embrace their responsibility towards the community and employees also embrace the creation of better products and services.

Being green often means more profits and for that, you don’t need to be a big company. Even a small company can save a lot of money and get immediate tangible results implementing green business practices. Using more solar energy can save on electricity costs. If you are shipping products to customers, using less packaging can save you money, both on packaging and on shipping costs.

This step is a great place to start even in a large corporation as management of all companies, small or big, is always interested in figuring out how to save money and increase profits. Most likely, there are opportunities to be more efficient at all the steps of your product or service cycle. There are typically two areas where these opportunities exist.

Doing more with less

You always want to be looking for ways to reduce the usage of water, electricity, energy, and land. The less resources you use, the less you will pay in your utility bills and material costs.

Reducing waste and pollution

Waste is an area of business that has no capacity to add value to what and how you do business. This means that any savings in waste reduction will transform into your bottom line very quickly. If you ship products to your customers, you can reduce waste on both ends, yours and the customers’. The evolution of packaging products made by Apple Corporation is a great example of how packaging can be effective functionally, impeccable from the design standpoint and convenient all at the same time.