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“If we fail to convincingly make the case for green growth, country by country, we will not succeed in putting the world on a sustainable growth path, nor will we be able to prevent the impacts of climate change, serious energy security concerns, material scarcity and global food and water shortages. Green growth is in fact the only way forward for our planet”
-Yvo de Boer, Green Growth Council Member


Take Lead is a two day event with workshops all over Copenhagen, site visits, roundtables and a conference. It will have participants from all over the world, representing all sectors and professions. Making the case for green growth is our core business. At Take Lead you will gain knowledge on the new opportunities for cities and businesses. You will take part in mapping the frontier for a new economy and document, demonstrate, and communicate the benefits of green growth.

A series of reports by Green Growth Leaders and the Pathways Project at UC Berkeley will secure the latest knowledge in the field of green growth as a platform for the discussions. The result of the discussions – along with your input – are gathered in the report “State of the Green Economy” and will feed into global decision making forums such as EU, C40, Rio +20 and UN Global Compact.

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3 Responses to Conference: Take Lead

  1. I am very interested in your activities, and would like to include some announcements and links in my e-journal om sustainable human development ( Do you have a newsletter I could subscribe to? Please keep me posted. Best wishes, Luis

    • Dear Louis,
      Thank you for expressing your interest in Green Growth Leaders. We do indeed have a newsletter, and you can subscribe to it on the website. On the main page there is a box on the right saying ‘Get the Latest Updates’, where you can subscribe to the Green Growth Leaders newsletter. Enjoy!

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