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Beijing flexes the green muscle, slows down “brown” growth

China is determined to become the world’s green superpower. Previews of China’s new 5-year plan to be endorsed in March 2011 by the People’s Congress show […]

The world’s most dangerous epidemic: Huffington Post

Green Growth Leaders-founder Erik Rasmussen blogs on Huffington Post about climate change, growth and sustainability. He calls for realism, arguing that the most incompehensible fact […]

China Daily: Greening the recovery

Green growth is a major topic during the World Economic Forum, taking place in Davos, Switzerland, this week, reports China Daily, Chinas biggest newspaper. In an […]

Ban Ki-moon to shift focus to green growth

Sustainability and green growth will be the main focus in the coming year for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, international media reports.

Obama reaffirms green growth ambitions

The US will continue to pursue a green growth strategy, aimed at creating jobs and exports through clean tech innovation in areas like solar, biofuels, […]

Water, Food & Energy Crisis; Risking it All

Plenty of reasons to focus on green growth in new report from World Economic Forum One of the main risks threatening global prosperity and security over the […]

150.000 green jobs in Europe in 2050

The energy transformation could lead to a net surplus of jobs, says roadmap for Europe Arguing that a low carbon future means more jobs is […]

The Sputnik Moment

China is surpassing US in the green innovation race, says Steven Chu Whether green growth policies will foster the needed progress and solutions in time and […]

Cancun & green growth: Sending a message

Green investors and companies should be somewhat encouraged by COP16 The most important result at COP16, the UN climate talks in Cancun, that ended in December, […]